Thursday, February 11, 2010

Style Me Pretty + Google Docs = Bride & Wedding Planner in one?

Style Me Pretty, one of the best sites (and one of my favorites!) for all things wedding, has just announced that it teamed up with Google to create an amazing array of wedding planning documents for brides and grooms. These documents allow them to be as organized and together as possible when it comes to planning their big day.

At first I thought - these docs are great! Free access to well designed templates for engaged couples - what a huge help to them. Then, upon reviewing the documents I started to feel...well, a bit uneasy as a wedding planner.

Due to the current economy, planners tend to be one of the first budget items to get cut. As much as we try to educate brides that planners are a necessity to help with one of the most important (and often expensive!) days of their lives go off without a hitch, some brides tend to over look this fact by having a friend or family member attempt to run their dream day - which can end in disaster! Leila Khalil of Be Inspired a Wedding PR agency wrote a fantastic post about such situations here.

This new partnership between Style Me Pretty and Google makes me think...will these documents lend themselves to have the bride believe she can do it all - dream, plan and then execute on her wedding day while trying to actually enjoy her wedding day?

There are still brides that understand the importance of a planner and everything we have to offer them, and I know these documents will not replace the role of a planner. And I believe they will be incredibly helpful - they are pretty nifty I must say! It just makes me realize that our industry still needs to work hard and continue to educate brides and grooms about the repercussions of trying to do everything themselves instead of working with a team of vendors that can ensure them an amazing disaster free day!

Photo by Anna Kuperberg
Wedding: Love in Las Vegas by Trisha Dean Events
Venue: Four Seasons, Las Vegas

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  1. Trisha, I totally agree with you! To be honest, I thought that the document templates would have been a bit more well-thoughtout, not to mention more aesthetically pleasing (considering that they are SMP!).

    The templates won't replace planners - you guys provide invaluable advice that spreadsheets can never replace. Especially since weddings are becoming much more personal these days, every wedding calls for more than standardization, I believe! :)


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