Saturday, October 10, 2009

Baby Shower for the Mommy to "Bee"

I am beginning to think this event planning thing runs in the family. My family threw me a fantastic baby shower with a yellow, white and black bumble bee theme. I thought I would post a few photos from the event, as the ideas that my family carried out with the bee theme are easy to do and turned out fabulous. My mom, step-mom and sister created a beautiful event. I plan on stealing a few of these ideas myself for my next baby shower client. Take a look!

These great bottles were used as bud vases all around the garden, as well as hung from low branches in trees.

The rentals were provided by Classic Party Rentals. One of the favors was a white fan (cause it was about 102 degrees!) as well as a bee shaped cookie cutter. Here the napkin is tied around the fan with ribbon. The bee cookie cutter is also tied on to create the final touch. The jar of honey at the top of the plate was another fun favor.

Here is a close up of the honey favor. My step-mom made these by finding cute jars, going to Costco for large amounts of honey, decanting them, creating labels and then topping them off with a bee pattern fabric and ribbon.

These cookies are my favorite, especially around the holidays - they make a great Christmas cookie. My mom used the bee cookie cutter to make these Pepparkakor cookies - a mix of ginger and molasses snap cookies. They were sweet treats for the guests on the way home. The cellophane bag is tied together with a yellow ribbon and a then a sugared bee decoration was glued onto the knot of the ribbon.

The cake was designed by my sister, with help from Kathy's Kreative Kakes in Burlingame. The bakery also used similar sugared bee decorations for the cake.

Paper parasols - black, yellow and different black and white patterns were scattered in the tree branches as well as throughout the garden to add splashes of color. Market umbrellas had streams of yellow ribbon threaded through their underneath spokes and each chair back had knots of yellow tulle to contrast with the black and white gingham tablecloths.

Photo source: From Trisha Dean's personal collection

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Vintage Engagement Photo Sessions

Hello! Apologies for the lack of posting, we are expecting Baby Dean to arrive January 1st and baby world is trying to take over my wedding world! So, moving back into wedding world...I have a great post for you about a fantastic photographer.

My sister down in San Diego found Sarah Yates to shoot her wedding, pregnancy photos and now Baby Addison's photos. Sarah is one of my favorite photographers and I check out her great blog from time to time at

Not only are her photos incredible, she is fantastic at capturing one of the trends I am noticing with engagement photos. Couples are choosing to get all dolled up and create vintage photo shoots - transporting themselves to another era and looking fabulous. Take a peek at Ben and Lacey and Sara and Nick. Ben and Lacey bring me back to the days of Gatsby while Sara and Nick channel the infamous Brad and Angelina "W" magazine photo shoot.

What a great way to have some fun with standard shots for your engagement! Enjoy!

Photo source: Sarah Yates Photography
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