Wednesday, November 30, 2011


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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Style - Jewel Tones

Hello Wednesday!
I am loving this season’s fashion trend of blushes and neutrals. I love it for everyday (I believe there is a shade of peach that flatters EVERYONE), and I love it for weddings (I’m talking to you, Reese Witherspoon). The palette is all over the place, from J. Crew and Urban Outfitters, to wedding blogs and magazines and tweets and then blogs again. I, however, would like to focus on the other trend right now, all the way on the opposite side of the spectrum…yes, that’s right. I want to dedicate this Wednesday on Adore to the big, bold, beautiful jewel tones that are all over the place right now!

I just bought a fabulous blue dress for my cousin’s wedding in June. I am obsessed with it. It’s a little outside my usual fashion box, and I proudly refer to it as a “big girl dress”. It just wouldn’t look right on a 17-year-old and I love it all the more for that! Purchasing it got me thinking about how most of my go-to dresses are black, and about how excited I was to wear this crazy shade of blue. Everyone should have some rich, juicy jewel tones in their closet! My dad rocked a fuchsia polo yesterday, so I do mean, EVERYONE. So let’s all get out there and attack the plums, emeralds, bright blues, teals and pinks!

Have fun with color! (It goes without saying that I think jewel tones are fun and fabulous at weddings, right? I mean, this is a wedding blog!)


Photo sources: Chrisitan Louboutin,,

Monday, May 23, 2011

Sneak Peek - Real Wedding - Cavallo Point

I can't wait to share with you this wedding that the lovely Mary McHenry and I worked on together at Cavallo Point. This bride had a lovely, soft sense of style and we pulled some amazing things together for their wedding. Here is a sneak peek!

Photo source: Mary McHenry Photography

Friday, May 20, 2011

Fav Finds + Flower Friday - Natalie Bowen Designs

Happy Friday!! So here is the amazing and talented Natalie Bowen doing what she does best - creating different and exquisite floral designs. How cool are these? I love the bright colors and the tropical feel! These were designed for a very special and fabulous wedding planner's engagement party and I am so happy for her and her man! :)

Fav finds for the week!

In love with this blush pink wedding and a menu card and place setting that I am swooning over!
Dream a Little Dream Events

I agree - my favorite photo from the Royal Wedding
Amy Nichols Special Events

I want painted edges on my business cards and on all of my client's invites!
Dauphine Press

Yellow and sweet
Jenny Cookies

I am a sucker for Gatsby - loving this board!
Snippet & Ink via The Ritzy Bee

Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Decor: Twigs and Texture

Hi Friends! In my fantasy world, it would still be Friday especially since Blogger hated me last Thursday and Friday (I think some other bloggers had problemos to!) So my Flower Friday post is now slightly useless until this Friday. I mean really, Fav Finds + Flower Monday does not have the same to ring to it, right? Well, hopefully all of this will be solved soon as I work on a behind the scenes plan to shift blog management systems (enter evil villain laugh here).

So last Friday's post will come this Friday and I am excited as it is about the lovely and talented Natalie Bowen! And then look for the fab Christy and her post on fabulous color this Wednesday! But today is another dreamy inspiration board from Erin! Take a peek...

Twigs and Texture

Inspiration: Natural elements, twigs and branches, backyard wedding, rustic but polished
Colors: Cream, chestnut, olive, taupe and all shades of brown
Details: Unfinished wood, branched altar, woven table settings


Photo Credits:
Top row: Cheddarngrits, Blush Botanicals, Suitie Central via Magpiepaperworks; Middle row: Princess Panda; Bottom row: Ruffled, Tahoe Unveiled, Ooh Events via Magpiepaperworks

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Wedding Tips - The Kid Conundrum

Last Sunday was Mother’s Day and I celebrated for my second time as a mom. It was a wonderful day for me, starting off with roses in my son’s room when I got him out of his crib that morning, and ending with a massage and mani/pedi arranged by my husband (thanks, honey!). I thought about how nice it was that there is one day in the year when we celebrate the moms. It’s a bonus that restaurants don’t make you feel awkward for toting the kids in on Mother’s Day. Usually, it’s a bit of an ordeal. I live in a city that isn’t exactly kid-friendly in the dining-out-department.

Speaking of kid-friendly... Lets talk about kids at weddings! It’s a sensitive issue and Mother’s Day capped off a week of wedding work that actually included not one, but several, discussions with brides about kids…or rather, NO kids, at their weddings. I also received an invitation to a wedding in June and had to call to find out if kids were “invited” since the invite didn’t mention it one way or another. So I’ve been on both sides of the issue, so to speak. Here’s the thing: like “fancy” restaurants, small kids just aren’t welcome at some weddings. It’s harsh sounding, but true. I find that dealing with how to make this clear to guests is a challenge for my clients. Here is some of my advice:

1. If the guests with kids are your friends or close family, call them yourself after the invitations are sent and tell them that it’s an adults-only party. If you can help with babysitting arrangements or suggestions, that’s awesome. Some guests bring their kids with them and then leave them with a sitter in the hotel.

2. Have your mom and mother-in-law do the dirty work and call their family members with kids for you! They’re probably good at that stuff, right?

3. Include something in the invitation or on your wedding website that says “Please note that this a wedding for adults only”

4. If you don’t mind kids there, but want to wrangle them a little after dinner, hire a babysitting service to set up camp at the reception site.

In my experience, it feels like a big deal, and some people do get a little peeved, but it is best to get all the explaining and arranging done as far ahead of time as possible. Remember that this is your wedding and it should be the kind of party that you want. If you want to throw a kid-friendly, family oriented party, accommodate people and have fun! If you want a black-tie affair with an ice sculpture bar and passed martinis, go all out and have fun! If your wedding falls somewhere in between…do your own thing (kids or no kids) and HAVE FUN!

Spa Day is adults-only in my world, but Joey can look the part!

Back in a week!


Monday, May 9, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

A belated Happy Mom's Day to all those Mother's of the Brides! My momma is my bestest friend and I love her lots and lots. Here we are back in 2004 on my wedding day. It was an amazing, amazing day and I would be lost without her!


Friday, May 6, 2011

Wedding Decor - Springtime Romance

The lovely and talented Erin of Trisha Dean Events has created a gorgeous inspiration board to for your Friday viewing pleasure! Flower Friday and Fav Finds will be back next week. In the meantime, here are the deets on this gorgeous board!

Springtime Romance:
Inspiration - femininity, vintage chic, floral details and grandma's closet
Colors: pale pink, cream, crystal and old gold
Details: soft florals, vintage glassware, peonies, costume jewelry and salt water taffy


Photo sources:Top Row: Country Living, Brooke Keegan Weddings via Style Me Pretty, Dusty Rose Events; Middle Row: Once Wed; Bottom Row: Style Me Pretty, Coco SMP, Cath Kidson

Thursday, May 5, 2011

Wedding Decor - Picado Flags

In honor of Cinco De Mayo we are doing a quickie post from a lovely bride and groom that we worked with a few weeks back. They had amazing custom made picado flags to wave as they walked out hand in hand as the new couple. I just had to share! How fabulous are these!? Wait until you see the amazing paper picado flag chandeliers the bride made for the ballroom! More to come soon! Now, go grab a margarita! Happy Cinco De Mayo!

Photo source: Author's personal collection

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Decor - A Succulent Session

Hi Wednesday!

I am working on design with a bride right now and I am really excited about her vision and my plan for it. She loves succulents and wants them incorporated into centerpieces, her bridal bouquet, and as favors for guests. There are plenty of wedding blogs out there that feature beautiful succulent designs, so I started collecting pictures and the wheels started turning…pretty soon, I had my own picture of a unique succulent wedding and I am stoked about it!

We are now sourcing small, delicate glass vases and large galvanized metal tubs. I am busy getting quotes for a living wall that may serve as a backdrop for a self-portrait photo booth and am reviewing florist proposals filled with burgundy dahlia pomanders and barely-there succulent boutonnieres (I love how structural and masculine these are!). I am researching how to make lush arrangements for the tables; low wooden containers filled with pale green and almost blue desert plants, anchored by dark dirt and small stones. It’s all coming together! A mix of glass, wood and metal, greens and reds, dirt and understated, natural elegance. I’m especially excited about a fresh fruit dessert bar labeled “Succulents” with a copper herb garden sign. The groom wants fruit and fruit he shall have!

All in a day’s work for this excitable wedding planner! Sigh…I love my job.



Photo Sources:,,,,,

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Not Feelin' So Fine

Hi Friends,
Sorry for the posting delay! I have a serious case of strep throat and it is kicking my booty! Thank goodness that Wednesday is Christy's day to post so I can take another day to try and recover. I'm thinking we will hear from our lovely intern Erin this week as well!

Hope you are having a good week so far!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Style - Rain, Rain, Come This Way!

Hello Wednesday! It was my birthday last week and having an April birthday usually means a few drops of water on my special day, so I thought I would dedicate today’s post to April and her BFF: Rain!

Rain on a wedding day is the stuff of song lyrics and bridal nightmares. It’s said to be lucky and if you blog-surf, it seems to be even trendy these days! With the endless parade of adorable wellies (or galoshes, as we call them in my house) and colorful umbrellas, I’m wondering if some couples are actually hoping FOR rain!

I once saw a play in LA, 2004 I think, and the stage was set to look like a tall forest. The treetops were all made from different patterned green umbrellas, upside down, forming a beautiful canopy. I never forgot that set and I think a canopy of upside down umbrellas, covering a tent ceiling, allowing light to shine through in places, would be awesome! Now I just need my rain-loving future clients to call!

Here are some of my favorites…from the seemingly impractical shoe known as the “rain flat” to some whimsical and creative hanging umbrellas (these were found at The Venetian in Las Vegas!).

Next month, May flowers of course!


Photo sources: clockwise from left to right,,, Favors and Flowers, J.Crew,, Orange Girl Photographs, It's a Jaime Thing

Monday, April 25, 2011

Wedding Decor - Contemporary Neutrals

My all time favorite trend this spring is neutrals! I must admit my excitement is partially based on the fact that my wardrobe is literally all shades of neutrals, specked with a few prints and pops of color. The best thing about this palette is that it can easily be an updated classic. Mixing and matching different shades of neutrals like beige, ecru, and khaki and adding hints of metallic elements makes muted colors fresh and new. Hope you enjoy this inspiration board evoking the trend I'm calling "Contemporary Neutrals". Don't you just love the unexpected blue soles of those studded heels?

Colors: Taupe, Khaki, Ivory and everything in between

Elements: Rich fabrics, Metallic details



Photo Sources:

Top row: Martha Stewart Wedding, Style Me Pretty, Trendhunter, Middle row: Stitches on 8th, Robert Mc Nary Photography via Style Me Pretty, Bottom row: La Maison Reid via Potato Boutique, The Brides Guide via Martha Stewart Wedding, Not Your Ordinary Bride

Monday, April 18, 2011

Wedding Decor - Another Amazing Barn

Hello hello! I had the fabulous pleasure of working with Mary McHenry this weekend and in our chats throughout the day, she let me know of this amazing place, a barn in fact, in Petaluma that was an amazing, amazing venue. I took a quick peek over at her blog and fell head over heels in love with Chileno Valley Ranch.

Head over to Style Me Pretty to see this wedding in all it's gorgeous glory shot by the talented Mary!

Photo source: Mary McHenry

Friday, April 15, 2011

Fav Finds + Flower Friday - The Little Branch

Happy Friday Friends! I have a special treat for you from those amazing gals Annie and Meg at The Little Branch. Wait until you see these boutonnieres! Rustic, super cute and very unique. I am thrilled that they sweetly thought to send them my way to share with you! LOVE! I can't get enough of the burlap wraps for the bouquets and fabulous mason jars, vases of all sizes and colors! This wedding was last week over at Orcutt's Ranch down south - what a gorgeous and cost friendly place to have your wedding. Okay, now for the flowers! PS trying to get exactly what the bouts are made of, and will update once I hear from them!

You love them right?! How could you not?!!

Great links from this week:

One of the hippest invites EVER - a record player? Awesome!
Green Wedding Shoes

Pretty n' Punk
The Sweetest Occasion

Embrace the Stripe!
La Tavola Linens

Hello dress!!
The Inspired Bride

Forget desserts, bring on the potatoes! A spud bar!
Somewhere Splendid

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Wedding Style - Little Boy Prep

I have been on the look for a cute little outfit for my son to wear to a wedding we are attending in Virginia this June. Joe will be 17 months then, and I want him to wear a bowtie…and I would love to find a tie in the same pattern for my husband to rock. I might take my needs to a fabulous seller on Etsy…but for now, I am just searching for inspiration. The wedding is at a vineyard in Leesburg…I’m envisioning my boys in their preppy best. Here are some of my toddler-boy-wedding-fashion-finds:

J. Crew - Crewcuts

And two of my very favorite ring bearers from Style Me Pretty!



Photo sources: J.Crew (tie), Strasburg Children (vest), Janie and Jack (shoes, hat and pants), via Style Me Pretty Jessica Johnston Photography and Orchard Cove Photography.

Monday, April 11, 2011

Another Fabulous New Face!

Hi friends! I want to introduce another fab friend that Christy and I have made and are so excited to bring her on board to Trisha Dean Events! She is our wonderful and talented intern, Erin! And I will let her take away her very first post on the Adore blog!

. . . . . . . .

Hi everyone!

My name is Erin and I'm absolutely thrilled to be a part of Trisha Dean Events and Adore. I am somewhat new to the blogging world and so far, I love it. My passion for design, presentation, and working with people has led me to where I am now – entering the world of event planning. I received my degree in Landscape Design from UC Berkeley almost a year ago (it seems like yesterday!) and I'm so lucky to be pursuing what I love. If I had to describe my style in one word it would be feminine with a mix of classic and vintage. I am so excited to share my ideas and be inspired by all things weddings and design!



P.S. Look for my first inspiration board this week - it super pretty with all sorts of amazing neutrals for spring!

Photo source: Classic Party Rentals Open House, Erin and Christy having a darn good time.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Fav Finds + Flower Friday - Church Street Flowers

Happy Friday! Last weekend we did the most adorable wedding at the Marin Headlands Center for the Arts and we worked with an amazing team of vendors - one of which was Church Street Flowers. We went over to their site to take a peek around and found a gorgeous bouquet and an adorable boutonniere! Their team was amazing to work with and the flowers for our bride were to die for!

Here are the fav finds of the week!

The bird is the word
The Inspired Bride

Made me smile!
Eat Drink Chic

A gorg Napa Wedding
The Bride's Cafe

You NEED to check out these modern flowers!
Elizabeth Anne Designs

Pour some sugar on me!
The Ritzy Bee

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Wedding Decor - Eat Drink Chic: New Blog Love!

I must admit, Wednesday Readers, this week’s post is a bit random. I’ve been experiencing a little bloggers-block this week. I blame it on the 80 degree weather in San Francisco. I was inspired by the sun, the frozen yogurt, the long days at the park with my son…and I would sit at my computer at night, ready to delve into the blogosphere, open to my usual effortless brilliance…and…nothing!

Tonight, though, I persevered, fought through it and this is what I came up with. I have been researching for an upcoming wedding and I am loving my bride’s bright colors and Indian touches. She sent me a link showing me what kind of hanging pomanders she likes and I fell in love with the website. Before I knew it, I was an hour deep into Eat Drink Chic. Check out the cluster of paper poms and lanterns that wooed me out of my block!

New Love—

With interior design, fashion and weddings all organized and displayed in the most beautiful way, it's love at first sight! The way Amy Moss puts together her inspiration boards, with the numbers…I don’t know, I just can’t get enough! Click here for a fun, whimsical example, and then go exploring throughout her blog!



Photo source: Photos by Ashley Ann Photography, found via Eat Drink Chic via Oh Dee Do

Monday, April 4, 2011

Wedding Decor - Gloria Wong Design

Hi friends! Today I wanted to share one of my most favorite weddings of all times, and I was lucky enough to be a guest at it! Leslie and Jeffrey are two of my very dear friends and I was thrilled to find them on Style Me Pretty! Leslie and Gloria of Gloria Wong Design worked closely to create the amazing look and feel of Leslie and Jeffrey's wedding. The attention to detail, the color palette, the personal touches were unreal and made their wedding so incredibly special. Please head on over and take a peek! Here is a teaser photo for you - the photos are from the incredibly talented Lisa Lefkowitz!

Photo source: Lisa Lefkowitz

Friday, April 1, 2011

Fav Finds + Flower Friday - Plan Decor

Hello and happy happy Friday! We are gearing up for our first wedding of the season this weekend at the Marin Headlands Center for the Arts! A stunning venue that feels as if is was ripped straight from the pages of an Anthropologie mag.

Now on to Flower Friday! For your Flower Friday viewing pleasure - this Bay Area floral designer does some amazing things with sweet peas and lilac - not your average bouquet flowers! And let me tell you I LOVE me some lilac! It is blooming in my backyard this week and I am in heaven!

I am loving the colors and the pop that she brings to centerpieces as well! Karen of Plan Decor does amazing work and we hope to work with her one day soon!

Fav finds for the week!

Super dainty and very pretty paper cut out invitations
Oh So Beautiful Paper

Walking along Union Street in SF last week, this was one of the best cuppies I have had in a while!
American Cupcake

In my search for an eyelet charger, I came across this loveliness
The Ritzy Bee

Hello yellow satin shoes and yummy donuts!
100 Layer Cake

Flower gorgeousness....
Elizabeth Anne Designs


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Wedding Industry Love - Certified!

Welcome to Wednesday!

I am proud to announce that I have completed the Gay Wedding Institute certification course taught by Bernadette Coveney Smith, owner of 14 Stories in Boston. 14 Stories is America’s first gay wedding planning firm, and GWI is the first gay wedding planning certification course in the world. I participated with others in the wedding industry from across America and Canada and we learned about what makes gay wedding planning different than planning for straight couples. Same-sex couples have a few more issues to deal with (legally…), and planners need to know which vendors and venues are gay-friendly, plus, I needed to learn how to market and appeal to gay and lesbian couples.

I am sharing my journey into uncharted territory! At least for TDE and as a planner myself. I have yet to plan a wedding or party for a gay or lesbian couple, but now, I feel ready to dive right in! I’m excited to make some changes to our website and to make sure we use totally inclusive language in our forms and on the site. I am now prepared to help a gay or lesbian couple plan their event, but in some ways, I feel like I have always been ready for this job. My background, my family, my passions…everything leads to being a wedding planner and in some ways especially for gay couples. I love my job and I am very excited to be actively expanding my client base from a business standpoint and from a very personal place as well.

We believe in marriage equality for everyone!


Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding Decor - Anthropologie Home Design Studios

Happy Monday!! Did you know that one of my favorite retailers is adding a home design studio to 12 of it's stores? Anthropologie has had a huge year! First launching BHLDN and now design studios. Think of the fun this could mean for wedding decor! And lucky for us the Marin Store in The Village at Corte Madera will be one of the stores.

The Marin Anthro is actually my favorite store. Did you ever notice that there are "good" Anthros and some "not so good" Anthros. My favs are the Marin, Burlingame and Blackhawk ones. Great selection, great sale items and lots of sizes. I feel the same way about J.Crew. The Burlingame J.Crew is my go to store, with the Stanford and Marin ones not far behind.

But back to Anthro's new design studios...the concept will be a store within a store that showcases a mix of home decor items, with design experts waiting to answer questions, give tips and even offer classes.

I have always looked to Anthro for inspiration when designing my client's weddings. And I find myself often picking up key pieces to highlight on accent tables, or within the ceremony. They are such a fab place for wedding decor.

So head to Marin and check out the new store within a store - they launched March 24th!

Photo source:

Friday, March 25, 2011

Fav Finds + Flower Friday - Kristy Mitchell Photography

Happy Friday! We have some GORGEOUS images of flowers and people to share with you today. My momma found this photographer and sent her my way. Kristy Mitchell's style is so unique that I just could not wait to share with you! Check out the amazing creations of flowers and stunning women. And how incredible is this first dress?? Not to mention the umbrella of flowers! So pretty. Ok, let me be a bit more honest - I NEED that dress. No clue where or when I would wear it, but I need it. Bad. Like right now so I can put it on and spin in my living room. :)

Here are some of my fav finds for the week!

I fell in love with this simple stunning southern wedding.
The Knotty Bride

Purple Pasta

Oh shoes!!!
The Cinderella Project

A gorgeous mushroom wedding cake
Once Wed

Loving the orange of it all
Camille Styles

Have a great weekend!

Photo source:
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