Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Wedding Decor - A Succulent Session

Hi Wednesday!

I am working on design with a bride right now and I am really excited about her vision and my plan for it. She loves succulents and wants them incorporated into centerpieces, her bridal bouquet, and as favors for guests. There are plenty of wedding blogs out there that feature beautiful succulent designs, so I started collecting pictures and the wheels started turning…pretty soon, I had my own picture of a unique succulent wedding and I am stoked about it!

We are now sourcing small, delicate glass vases and large galvanized metal tubs. I am busy getting quotes for a living wall that may serve as a backdrop for a self-portrait photo booth and am reviewing florist proposals filled with burgundy dahlia pomanders and barely-there succulent boutonnieres (I love how structural and masculine these are!). I am researching how to make lush arrangements for the tables; low wooden containers filled with pale green and almost blue desert plants, anchored by dark dirt and small stones. It’s all coming together! A mix of glass, wood and metal, greens and reds, dirt and understated, natural elegance. I’m especially excited about a fresh fruit dessert bar labeled “Succulents” with a copper herb garden sign. The groom wants fruit and fruit he shall have!

All in a day’s work for this excitable wedding planner! Sigh…I love my job.



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