Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Wedding Style - Jewel Tones

Hello Wednesday!
I am loving this season’s fashion trend of blushes and neutrals. I love it for everyday (I believe there is a shade of peach that flatters EVERYONE), and I love it for weddings (I’m talking to you, Reese Witherspoon). The palette is all over the place, from J. Crew and Urban Outfitters, to wedding blogs and magazines and tweets and then blogs again. I, however, would like to focus on the other trend right now, all the way on the opposite side of the spectrum…yes, that’s right. I want to dedicate this Wednesday on Adore to the big, bold, beautiful jewel tones that are all over the place right now!

I just bought a fabulous blue dress for my cousin’s wedding in June. I am obsessed with it. It’s a little outside my usual fashion box, and I proudly refer to it as a “big girl dress”. It just wouldn’t look right on a 17-year-old and I love it all the more for that! Purchasing it got me thinking about how most of my go-to dresses are black, and about how excited I was to wear this crazy shade of blue. Everyone should have some rich, juicy jewel tones in their closet! My dad rocked a fuchsia polo yesterday, so I do mean, EVERYONE. So let’s all get out there and attack the plums, emeralds, bright blues, teals and pinks!

Have fun with color! (It goes without saying that I think jewel tones are fun and fabulous at weddings, right? I mean, this is a wedding blog!)


Photo sources: Chrisitan Louboutin,,


  1. Just like peach, there is a jewel tone (fuschia, purple, teal) that is amazing on anyone's coloring. I bet your blue dress looks amazing on you!S

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