Monday, May 16, 2011

Wedding Decor: Twigs and Texture

Hi Friends! In my fantasy world, it would still be Friday especially since Blogger hated me last Thursday and Friday (I think some other bloggers had problemos to!) So my Flower Friday post is now slightly useless until this Friday. I mean really, Fav Finds + Flower Monday does not have the same to ring to it, right? Well, hopefully all of this will be solved soon as I work on a behind the scenes plan to shift blog management systems (enter evil villain laugh here).

So last Friday's post will come this Friday and I am excited as it is about the lovely and talented Natalie Bowen! And then look for the fab Christy and her post on fabulous color this Wednesday! But today is another dreamy inspiration board from Erin! Take a peek...

Twigs and Texture

Inspiration: Natural elements, twigs and branches, backyard wedding, rustic but polished
Colors: Cream, chestnut, olive, taupe and all shades of brown
Details: Unfinished wood, branched altar, woven table settings


Photo Credits:
Top row: Cheddarngrits, Blush Botanicals, Suitie Central via Magpiepaperworks; Middle row: Princess Panda; Bottom row: Ruffled, Tahoe Unveiled, Ooh Events via Magpiepaperworks

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