Monday, February 28, 2011

Wedding Style - The Dress

Yay for the Oscars! There were some amazing dresses that graced the red carpet last night - I personally think Sandra Bullock seriously looked jaw dropping stunning in her red Vera Wang! I think in my perfect world, she and Ryan Reynolds would end up together. My other fav was Anne Hathaway in her Valentino - another gorgeous red dress! Feeling the red dresses at the moment.

I found another amazing dress I wanted to share - quite the wedding dress I might add, but I am a bit sad that I am unsure of the designer! The lovely Lilia, of Lilia Photography shot Lisa Marie and Richard's Elopement at the San Fran City Hall and this dress is just stunning. Super duper stunning. Take a peek...


Photo source: Lilia Photography

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Fav Finds + Flower Friday - The Little Branch

Hi hi! Happy Friday! I know it was just a wee bit ago that we were yapping about how fantastic the floral designs were over at The Little Branch (if you want to go back and see the loveliness we are talking about, click here), but the two fab ladies behind the designs, Annie and Meg, sent me some photos from a wedding last weekend and I could not help but post them! So many different sweet milk glass vases overflowing with prettiness and a boutonniere that I adore! Take a peek!

Fav finds for the week:

Finding your wedding inspiration from a gorgeous book cover
Wedded Twist

Surf's up!
Snippet & Ink

I so want this heart-y chair!
Design Sponge

The most amazing Italian castle in Tuscany! A wedding here would be unreal.

Sweets that are ruffled and romantic!
Sweet Designs by Amy Atlas


Photo source: Annie of The Little Branch

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Wedding Decor - Perfectly Funky Engagement Photo Shoot

Since Trisha and I are really quite on top of all things hip, some time back, Trisha featured styled engagement sessions here by Sarah Yates and here from Millie Holloman that were down right cute and romantic. However, today's shoot is one that I just HAD to blog about - I adore the recent wave of fun, quirky, kitschy, highly stylized engagement photo shoots.

My friend Joanne and her husband Britt are definitely the kind of couple that can pull off one of these shoots. Joanne’s inspiration for her pictures was “Mad Men”, and you can see from her interpretation, it was served straight up with twist!

Engagement pictures are meant to capture the personality of a couple, and these photos absolutely do just that. They aren't taking themselves too seriously, they have a super cool style, (how great is that pink rotary telephone!?) and they are having a fabulous time!


Photo source by Karl Preston and the awesome trailer belongs to clothing designer Charlotte Tarantola

Monday, February 21, 2011

Dainty Details - Cake Topper Love

I'm sure you all thought I was taking a holiday today! Well, it seems Blogger and I got into a little tiff and blogger did not want to behave. So, no, I wasn't really on holiday today, just a smidge late. And so this post will be short and sweet - simply love this photo - made me smile a huge grin the first time I saw it!

Found over on Perfect Bound, Johanna McShan on Hanna Mac Photography snapped this lovely shot of the bride and groom and their pup - and how fantastic is the cake topper to match the family of three! Love!!

Enjoy the rest of the holiday! Happy President's Day!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Fav Finds + Flower Friday - Kelly Makes Things

Happy Rainy Friday! It is P-O-U-R-I-N-G here in Nor Cal today. Raining cats and dogs. So since I am awash in water, I thought it fitting to feature a nifty nautical bouquet styled by Kelly Makes Things and photographed by the amazing Jasmine Star.

Kelly used aged rope, roses and lamb's ear for this nautical inspired bouquet. Simple, elegant and different all wrapped up into one!

Here are my fav finds for the week:

New blog love: Jenny's Cookies - is there any theme this woman can't do incredibly well?! Stunning party decor!

Re-designed blog love: Huge congrats to Ami of Elizabeth Anne Designs for her gorgeous blog re-design - it looks amazing!

Sweet and Saucy does it again! I want this cake stat!

Open wooden ceiling and chandeliers - yes please!
Ritzy Bee

Loving these deep teal dresses and super bright bouquets
The Bridal Bar


Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Decor - The Floral Deck

Today, I want to share a little secret weapon of mine: the John Henry Floral Fan Deck. It’s a pretty amazing set of cards that describe flowers. Sounds simple, right? It is simple. And it’s ingenious! And if you are a florist, planner, designer, or are planning your own wedding…it is an invaluable resource. This box of cards is an absolute wealth of knowledge, I have used it so many times and I always get the information I need. Check it out!

There are 8 decks total, they are separated by color and each one has about 50 cards. Each card has a large picture on one side and details on the other. I have brought the box to meetings with clients when we are discussing flowers and design. A bride can tell me her favorite flower, and then I can see if it’s in season, what colors are available, and tell her the “meaning” of the flower. I know I can look up all this information online, but having all of it in one place…something to browse through for ideas and inspiration…I prefer it to googling while brainstorming with a couple.

It’s just a great addition for your office if you are in this industry or for your bookshelf if you just love flowers.

In the meantime, get in touch with me if you have specific flower questions, ‘cause I have the box!



Monday, February 14, 2011

Dainty Details - Happy Valentine's Day!

Hi Friends! I just know the blogosphere is going to be plastered with my favorite shape today - the heart. So instead of doing the obvious and searching out all things heart-y, I am embracing all things red instead. I found this image over on Snippet & Ink and fell in love with this wedding.

I think one of my favorite things in this photo is the pearl bracelet (necklace?) wrapped around the bride's wrist. And those shoes! Sigh. Love! Here are a few more of this wedding shot by Elisabeth Millay...

Happy Valentine's Day lovies! Hope you have a wonderful hug and kiss filled day!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Fav Finds + Flower Friday - Sharla Flock Designs

It's Friday! Par-tay! I know that I've raved about Sharla Flock Designs on Flower Friday before, but I can't get enough of this amazing bouquet I am about to share...again it doesn't hurt that Anna Kuperberg was behind the camera...

Right!? Unreal! The contrast of the deep eggplant with the green berries and silver dusty miller? So darn gorgeous.

Here are some of my fav finds of the week:

Loving the slate and lemon mix
Kate Parker Weddings

It would be so hard for me to put an actual glass on these gorgeous coasters!
Amy Atlas - Sweet Designs

My idol Tara Guérard launches the new look of her blog and a stunning real wedding as well!
Tara Guérard - Bon Bon Blog

From a few weeks back but too jaw dropping gorgeous not to link to, please please look.
Jose Villa

Beer cupcakes? Why of course!
Oh Lovely Day

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Dainty Details - From Personal to Practical - The Wedding Emergency Kit

My dear cousin Courtney is planning her wedding right now and as I will be a guest and not a wedding planner on her big day, I vowed to help her out in the advice and preparedness departments. She is an avid wedding-blog-reader and has gotten countless ideas and creative inspiration from blogs (100 Layer Cake and Snippet & Ink are her favorite…other than Adore of course!), but has expressed to me a lack of “insider tips” for the bride who truly is DIAH (Doing It All Herself). I want to occasionally post to fill that deficit a little, with some added charm, of course! I’m confident that by sharing a few wedding planner tips and advice based on experience isn’t the same thing as a magician sharing his secrets—there are things you can do as a bride (or groom!) to be more prepared and confident on your wedding day. That being said…I still firmly believe that hiring a wedding planner is the best way to go!

So, today I will share some wedding planner tips about the ever-important Emergency Kit. All brides need one. Sometimes the venue provides one; I’ve seen them in church getting-ready rooms. If you are going to hire a wedding planner, definitely make sure that they will be bringing a very thorough kit. And…if you are a bride or groom putting the kit together yourself, great! Just pass it off to a trusted friend or member of the bridal party on the wedding day. It can be stored in a coat closet, under a table, or even in the bathroom if you have a private bathroom for your event. Remember, this isn’t just for the bride. A well-stocked emergency kit can be called upon for bridal party wardrobe malfunctions, flower fixing, cake tweaking, paper product edits and re-dos…you name it, it might need some TLC come wedding day. A wedding planner will have a much larger kit than a bride will make herself. I’ll focus here on just what you’ll need in your own small personal kit.

First, a list of my MUST HAVES. Put these items in a separate, smaller bag in your emergency kit. These are the items I carry in a hip bag when I am the wedding planner. I use them all day long. Small pair of scissors, bobby pins, safety pins (several sizes) and straight pins, double-sided tape, and oil-absorbing sheets (they are in the face-wash aisle and they are awesome). One new fabulous tool in my Must Haves is the helix bobby pin from Goody. For the messy bun, which always needs fixing and re-messing as the reception goes on, this fancy hair-thing is the best!

Here are my BASICS. Extra paper and pens (for escort cards, buffet labels, favor tags, placement cards, table numbers…whatever you used paper for, include some extras), green flower tape (Michael's carries it), a lighter, a small sewing kit, extra ribbon if you used any in the décor anywhere, a brush, a couple extra hairbands, a lint-roller, toothpicks, a small mirror, a Clorox bleach pen and the basic toiletries: hairspray, deodorant, Advil, antacids, gum or mouthwash, hair powder (I love Shampowder and I use it and share it all the time at weddings: Buttercream Cosmetics), band-aids, chap-stick, and your makeup for re-touches.

Add in some feminine products if necessary, and a flask of whiskey (Just kidding. Kind of.) And Abracadabra! You have yourself a boy-scout-worthy emergency kit for your wedding day! And you did so much work on it…why not pass it off to a bridesmaid or friend that is getting married next? This is a great gift idea for couples, especially from a maid-of-honor or best man. Nothing says, “I’ve got your back!” like a hand-crafted emergency kit!

Happy Planning!


PS. I am personally obsessed with Dr. Pepper Lip Smackers. I have been for over a decade now. It’s a great addition to the kit because it is a chap-stick with a great red-ish tint to it and it is small and cheap. Love it! DP Obsessed.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Dainty Details - Perfect Endings

It's no secret that I have been in love with yellow for some time now. I was doing some research for a client this weekend, building color palettes and inspirations boards, and ran across this gorgeous cake. Loving the architectural lines, the art deco feel and the colors! The infamous Perfect Endings in Napa created this beautiful cake.

Of course, the oh-so talented Anna Kuperberg captured it's beauty, so how could you not fall in love with it for that reason alone? I can totally see the details of this wedding unfolding before me...great pops of yellow detail within the black and white...simply gorgeous.


Photo source: Anna Kuperberg

Friday, February 4, 2011

Fav Finds + Flower Friday - Florali

It's no lie that I love me some Florali. Simply gorgeous flowers. Who wouldn't fall in love with these adorable glass milk bottles filled with gorgeous blooms...

Here are my favs for the week!

I can't get enough of these colors!
Ritzy Bee

A snow filled path (seriously stunning photos!!)
The Bride's Cafe

Congrats to a fab new site!
Inspired By This

Gorgeous pale green and gold, might be my new favorite colors!
100 Layer Cake

Loving these blues and greens
The Inspired Bride


Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Wedding Industry Love - Gay Weddings

An Open Love Letter to my Brother...
With Love, Christy

My dream career is to plan weddings for gay couples. I am a certified wedding planner, have been working in San Francisco for over 3 years, and got married myself in 2009. My brother, Alex, stood as a groomsman while our vows were exchanged and I know one day, I will stand up for my brother as he recites his own vows with his husband.

Here’s the thing: My brother is awesome. To know him is to love him. He is brilliant, ambitious, handsome, hilarious and loyal. He is the best person in the world to people–watch with. His sense of humor is wicked and no one makes me laugh more…or laughs with and at me more, which is a true delight in my life. I think he might rule the world one day. Thing #2: He is gay. So in most of America, by law, he is not allowed by to get married and he is stared at if he so much as walks down the street holding hands with another man. Not to mention the myriad of civil liberties he is not afforded. I don’t want to rant about politics here, but you can see where I stand and where I am going with this. I love this man. He deserves to be happy the same way that everyone else does. While I continue to love planning straight weddings, I need to put out there that I also love the gay and lesbian community, I support gay MARRIAGE, and I would be living a personal dream if I were working for gay couples right there along with my beloved straight couples.

So…here is my mission for 2011: I will work tirelessly (and happily!) to create beautiful, personal events for my clients. I believe weddings are a heightened experience and we have so few of these elevated moments in our lives. I also believe everyone deserves to feel loved and supported as they make the monumental life decision to get married. I hope one day planning gay weddings will be as "normal" as planning straight weddings, especially out here in California. But that day is not now, and this year I want to learn how to reach out to the gay community, market to the gay community and better support them through my career as a wedding planner. I truly look up to Bernadette of 14 Stories, who has created the first gay wedding planning firm. She is an inspiration to me and to the wedding industry overall.

I don’t just want to stand up next to my brother when he gets married one day. I want to plan the wedding. I want to plan the wedding in a country that recognizes, accepts, and embraces love and marriage for all.

So catch up with me, America!**

**you know who you are

xoxo Christy

Photo source: Shaughn Photography

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