Wednesday, February 2, 2011

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An Open Love Letter to my Brother...
With Love, Christy

My dream career is to plan weddings for gay couples. I am a certified wedding planner, have been working in San Francisco for over 3 years, and got married myself in 2009. My brother, Alex, stood as a groomsman while our vows were exchanged and I know one day, I will stand up for my brother as he recites his own vows with his husband.

Here’s the thing: My brother is awesome. To know him is to love him. He is brilliant, ambitious, handsome, hilarious and loyal. He is the best person in the world to people–watch with. His sense of humor is wicked and no one makes me laugh more…or laughs with and at me more, which is a true delight in my life. I think he might rule the world one day. Thing #2: He is gay. So in most of America, by law, he is not allowed by to get married and he is stared at if he so much as walks down the street holding hands with another man. Not to mention the myriad of civil liberties he is not afforded. I don’t want to rant about politics here, but you can see where I stand and where I am going with this. I love this man. He deserves to be happy the same way that everyone else does. While I continue to love planning straight weddings, I need to put out there that I also love the gay and lesbian community, I support gay MARRIAGE, and I would be living a personal dream if I were working for gay couples right there along with my beloved straight couples.

So…here is my mission for 2011: I will work tirelessly (and happily!) to create beautiful, personal events for my clients. I believe weddings are a heightened experience and we have so few of these elevated moments in our lives. I also believe everyone deserves to feel loved and supported as they make the monumental life decision to get married. I hope one day planning gay weddings will be as "normal" as planning straight weddings, especially out here in California. But that day is not now, and this year I want to learn how to reach out to the gay community, market to the gay community and better support them through my career as a wedding planner. I truly look up to Bernadette of 14 Stories, who has created the first gay wedding planning firm. She is an inspiration to me and to the wedding industry overall.

I don’t just want to stand up next to my brother when he gets married one day. I want to plan the wedding. I want to plan the wedding in a country that recognizes, accepts, and embraces love and marriage for all.

So catch up with me, America!**

**you know who you are

xoxo Christy

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  1. Well said, Christy. I look forward to the day. I will feel honored and privileged to witness Alex's exchange of wedding vows one day. I know that America will one day realize that it isn't about man + woman, or man + man, or woman + woman... it's about love and equality for all. We will always love and support you, Alex.
    Much love,

  2. Awesome post! I LOVE that guy! When planning our wedding it was imporant to my fiance and I to choose vendors who shared our belief in marriage equality- especially by selecting an officiant who performs ceremonies for couples regardless of their sexual persuasion. Many vendors, from planners to cateres and DJs, advertise their support for marriage rights on their websites, or list their businesses on sites like Rainbow Wedding Network.

  3. agreed.. well said! "love and equality for all!"

  4. Perfectly said. What a wonderful relationship between a sister and brother. They're lucky to have each other.

  5. This is such a sweet post and a great 2011 goal! I am so lucky to have a supporting family like you are to your brother and so thrilled that you are a pro-gay vendor!

  6. It's beautiful! I am move by them :)


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