Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wedding Decor - The Floral Deck

Today, I want to share a little secret weapon of mine: the John Henry Floral Fan Deck. It’s a pretty amazing set of cards that describe flowers. Sounds simple, right? It is simple. And it’s ingenious! And if you are a florist, planner, designer, or are planning your own wedding…it is an invaluable resource. This box of cards is an absolute wealth of knowledge, I have used it so many times and I always get the information I need. Check it out!

There are 8 decks total, they are separated by color and each one has about 50 cards. Each card has a large picture on one side and details on the other. I have brought the box to meetings with clients when we are discussing flowers and design. A bride can tell me her favorite flower, and then I can see if it’s in season, what colors are available, and tell her the “meaning” of the flower. I know I can look up all this information online, but having all of it in one place…something to browse through for ideas and inspiration…I prefer it to googling while brainstorming with a couple.

It’s just a great addition for your office if you are in this industry or for your bookshelf if you just love flowers.

In the meantime, get in touch with me if you have specific flower questions, ‘cause I have the box!



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