Friday, April 30, 2010

Flower Friday: A Fabulous Yellow Wedding Bouquet

I am a huge fan of both Anna Kuperberg and Kathryn of Dream a Little Dream Events - and earlier this week I caught sight of a photo from one of their recent weddings and my eyes zoomed in on an AMAZING bouquet (it just happened to be yellow!) and I had to know who the floral designer was.
Melissa from A Simple Ceremony created this stunning work of art. Her website is full of incredible bouquets, centerpieces, and other fun. I got happily stuck looking at her gallery for a while last night. Love! Happy Weekend everyone!

Photo sources: Anna Kuperberg

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Lovely Lollipop Ladies - Southern California Event & Design

I wanted to share the fab eye candy from a way cool girl team of three in Southern California. Lollipop Events & Designs has a stunning website, a beautiful blog and they know how to throw a party. Check out their site here and their blog here. They also have an Etsy page where I found THE coolest party essential - The Keg Corset. This little baby is ingenious! Why not have a pretty fabric wrap for the beat up silver tin that your cold frosty beverage comes in?! They have some great things in their Etsy store, some awesome DIY tips on their site, and their blog is always a good read with tons of great photos. Check them out!

Photo source: and

Monday, April 26, 2010

Spring into Summer - Citrus Themed Wedding Details

We are in the middle of Spring, on our way in to Summer, and I love the bright happy colors of a citrus themed wedding for either season. Using fruit in centerpieces, as well as fun details throughout weddings give a sophisticated feel with a little sass.

Photo sources: 1 Kate Triano via Elizabeth Anne Designs, 2, 5 & 7 Millie Holloman via Snippet & Ink, 3 Oh So Beautiful Paper, 6 John Valls of Altura Studio via Elizabeth Anne Designs, 4 Jessica Claire via Elizabeth Anne Designs, 8 Martha Stewart + Mel Marlow, 9, 10 top khm, photo by leesa o'reilly; country living, photo by janis nicolay; leigh webber photography, 10 bottom in style weddings, zehr's market

Friday, April 23, 2010

Foto Friday - Millie Holloman Photography

I know, I know, I said I was going to post pretty flowers on "Flower Friday", but in searching the net last night I came across an amazing photographer and I just had to share the engagement shoot she posted on her blog yesterday. So how about Foto Friday just this once!

Millie Holloman's photos are incredible! I am LOVE with how sweet this couple is. Millie is based in North Carolina but travels all over the world. And this location...a perfect 1940's vibe. Please click here to see the rest of this amazing shoot!

Photo source: Millie Holloman Photography

Thursday, April 22, 2010

5 Tips for Selecting a Wedding Planner

I was honored when Ruby of Amy Kuschel asked me to write an article for them on how to choose the all important wedding planner. And now I am excited to share it with you! You can go here to see it live and in-person on the fabulous Amy Kuschel site or I also have provided quick and easy reading below.
. . .

Five Tips for Selecting a Fabulous Wedding Planner

Searching through hundreds of amazing yet sometimes overwhelming wedding websites and blogs you become slightly cross-eyed from staring at the screen as you search vendor listings for a wedding planner. Where to start? You received some word of mouth referrals from your just married BFF, you hit up Wedding Wire as well as visited your favorite blog to see who designed that stunning wedding you saw posted last week…but now that you have names, how do you select the one person that will be managing your big day?

1. Listening Skills – You call up a potential planner and she yaps on and on about this wedding she did and that venue she loves and never gives you the opportunity to share what YOU are looking for. As the client, you need to be able to express your wants and desires and a good planner will ask you the right questions to find out what your needs are.

2. Trust – Once you’ve got a planner that listens, meet with them. A lot of planners have complimentary consultations so you can get to know each other better. Meet up over coffee, chat about all things wedding, and do a gut check. Does this person seem trustworthy? Do you get that good vibe and are your personalities clicking? Are they on time and do they seem organized, poised and confident? Remember, this person needs to manage you, your wedding party, your family,and your guests as well as all the vendors making the magic happen – do you get the sense they can handle the job?

3. Experience – This one goes a little deeper than the question “How many weddings have you done?” Make sure you also ask about the type of weddings they have experience with, for example if your wedding is on a yacht ask if they’ve dealt with anything similar. Or ask about any tricky or atypical situations they may have been in and how were they resolved? This will show you their problem solving skills in action.

4. References – A good planner will have quite a few references and will be open to sharing them. Past brides of fabulous planners love to share rave reviews so get those email addresses and use them. Ask past brides how the overall experience was working with that planner.

5. Design Aesthetics – Even if you are simply hiring a planner for Month-Of Services, make sure that your design vision and your planner’s vision somewhat match. If there is a situation on the day of your wedding and the planner needs to make a call about something, you want to be able to trust that their design aesthetics are relatively aligned with yours. If you're looking for a planner to manage logistics and design it is even more important that you like the look and feel of their events.

One last piece of advice…don’t forget to breathe! Planning a wedding is a huge job –which is how us wedding planners came to be in the first place. Good luck!
. . .

Photo source: Laura Hunt Photography

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photo Love - Southern California Wedding Photographer

Back in the day - 2007 to be exact - I met Sarah Yates. I know, squeal away because she is like super famous now and her work is all over the top wedding blogs. In 2007 she photographed my sister's wedding (which she did an amazing job of by the way) but since I was Matron of Honor running around like crazy as well as part wedding planner (note: those two gigs NEVER mix well) we really didn't get to bond like I know we could now. Since then, she has also photographed my sister's maternity photos and taken the most adorable shots of my niece. So adorable in fact that I think I may move south just to get some good shots of my family!

And I am so excited to have a little Sarah Yates button on my blog, my shout out to the world of "That's right ladies and gents it's Sarah Yates on MY little blog. Watch out world!"

So yup, I'm using this post to brag that I know her, have even met her, and worked with her, or I guess I should say posed for her. Here are some recent shots of hers that I LOVE and wanted to share. Oh and rumor is she has been visiting Nor Cal bit more recently for weddings and such so brides listen up - she will travel.

Congrats on all your recent successes Sarah! Here's to many more amazing weddings, engagement shoots, and photos full of cute babies.

Me & my little sis on her big day.
Photo source: Sarah Yates

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

My Favorites - Vintage Inspired Wedding and Cupcakes

I made two new friends in the wedding blog world over the last few weeks. These gals were very generous with their time in answering some blog questions for me and I am so grateful. I really admire their blogs so I thought I would share with you some of their recent posts.

The first is from Green Wedding Shoes. This is a real wedding she featured yesterday which I just can't get enough of. A vintage backyard wedding with details that are to die for. The doors, the windows, the chairs - oh my! Chandeliers swaying in trees and the color yellow. We all know how I feel about the color yellow. The talented Dana Grant snapped the photos of this adorable couple on their big day. Below are just a few photos, please click here to see more fabulousness.

The next post is from The Inspired Bride from earlier this month. It featured these amazing cupcakes with super stylin' edible frosting from Hello Frosting. This is such a great way to personalize your dessert display without huge dollar signs.

Thank you again to both ladies for their insights!

Photo sources: Dana Grant via Green Wedding Shoes and Hello Frosting via The Inspired Bride

Monday, April 19, 2010

Alikewise - Dating by the Book

A while ago I worked at nifty place known as Landor. I met some of the most amazingly talented people there. I am thrilled to be great friends with quite a few of them. Some of these friends have gone on to do incredible things. One of them started their own fantastic catering company, another started a delicious baking company, and one of my favorite people started his own dating site called Alikewise.

Why am I talking about a dating site on a blog dedicated to all things weddings? Well, if you are reading this blog, then you love weddings but maybe you don't have the right guy or gal yet. So why not have my wedding blog lead you in the right direction...first comes love, then comes marriage - we'll leave the baby carriage out of the deal for now.

The cool thing about Alikewise is that it matches couples based on their reading tastes. You sign up for a free membership, then list and describe some of your favorite books and Alikewise will pair you up with your literary soul mate. I think this is a novel idea (pardon the pun), because let's be honest, the majority of us don't meet our life long love over a Silver Bullet at the local dive.

In honor of the written word, we found some pretty images of books used in wedding decor to share. And if you are in search of Mr. or Mrs. Right, check out Alikewise and the two of you could live happily ever after.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flower Friday: Think Pink

Happy Friday! I found the first image below over on Elizabeth Anne Designs in her new gallery (which is amazing by the way - I got lost in there for like 2 hours last night - go and take a peek) and it inspired me to share some beautiful pink centerpieces and bouquets on this warm sunny Friday!

Photo sources: All images were found in Elizabeth Anne Designs photo gallery: Martha Stewart, Meg Perotti, Amy Squires, Erin Johnson, Domino via Duet Weddings, He and She Photography

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Daisy Chain - Daisy Inspired Details

The sweet simple daisy - here are some images for a fabulous Spring sunshine filled wedding day!
These little guys are actually chamomile!

Daisy toothpicks!

The infamous Carolina Herrera Daisy Dress

Adorable Daisy magnets and yellow and white M&Ms

Photo sources: Martha Stewart Weddings 1-5 and 8, Wedding Paper Divas 6 and Elum 7
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