Tuesday, April 6, 2010

A Modern Barn Love Affair

I'm in love with barns. Even the old ratty ones on the side of the road with the metal roof caved in. They look beautiful no matter what shape they're in during this time of year - I see them dotting the bright spring green fields, surrounded by rich yellow mustard flowers and I wonder what they once were and what purpose they served. It's not only the old barns that get me...there are also new barns, somewhat modern, where old movies are watched on wooden side walls in the heat of summer or barns with hay lofts and all the trouble that can be had there.

But the barn I really want to talk about is Barbara's Barn in Napa. I was once lucky enough to attend a party there. As my husband and I drove up to the festivities, a look of delighted shock came over my face. Barbara's Barn was drop dead gorgeous!! And for a barn lover like me, I was at a loss for words. In my wildest fantasies I never pictured something like this existed!

This fabulous barn can be rented for events and parties, but rumor is not weddings. My understanding is they did host a family wedding here once, but you might need to think engagement party or rehearsal dinner instead.

Contact Mint Locations to find out more about renting Barbara's Barn. Here is what I found out about the barn's designer from Key Events:

St. Helena based designer Erin Martin created a nouveau western-style entertaining space in a vintage barn in Napa Valley. In this unexpected environment, vast barn doors open into the chic Western interior where hay bales are topped with natural Belgian linen pillows for eco-friendly seating. The most unique element is the antique English Canoe skeleton hanging by jute rope from the ceiling with all the feeling of a modern chandelier.

Photo source: Sarah at Remodelista


  1. He he I spent the first week of Jan perched inside on that hay bale avoiding the rains and shooting inspiring outdoor images.... guess who! xo

  2. Who are you, lucky one?!! Why didn't I get an invite! I would have braved the rain!

  3. The same gal who shot those "Beautiful Architectural Garden Elements"... ;-)


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