Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Photo Love - Southern California Wedding Photographer

Back in the day - 2007 to be exact - I met Sarah Yates. I know, squeal away because she is like super famous now and her work is all over the top wedding blogs. In 2007 she photographed my sister's wedding (which she did an amazing job of by the way) but since I was Matron of Honor running around like crazy as well as part wedding planner (note: those two gigs NEVER mix well) we really didn't get to bond like I know we could now. Since then, she has also photographed my sister's maternity photos and taken the most adorable shots of my niece. So adorable in fact that I think I may move south just to get some good shots of my family!

And I am so excited to have a little Sarah Yates button on my blog, my shout out to the world of "That's right ladies and gents it's Sarah Yates on MY little blog. Watch out world!"

So yup, I'm using this post to brag that I know her, have even met her, and worked with her, or I guess I should say posed for her. Here are some recent shots of hers that I LOVE and wanted to share. Oh and rumor is she has been visiting Nor Cal bit more recently for weddings and such so brides listen up - she will travel.

Congrats on all your recent successes Sarah! Here's to many more amazing weddings, engagement shoots, and photos full of cute babies.

Me & my little sis on her big day.
Photo source: Sarah Yates

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  1. You are the sweetest! Thank you for the most lovely shout out. And your family has some good genes, you ladies are so gorgeous! xoxo


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