Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Found! Adorable Modern Playclothes for Kid+Baby

I have to share this amazing new find for little ones. Think phenomenal baby shower gift or fabulous first birthday present! Jasper Hears Wren has the most adorable modern playclothes and accessories. Owners Heather Jennings and Lisa Schwartz who are based in Oakland, California, have created a fantastic line of hoodies, onesies, dresses and even cool totes for mom. The best thing about this brand besides the quality fabric and pure cuteness of the clothes, are their greener business practices. Their "catalog" is all online (saving some trees), their felt is made from 100% post consumer recycled plastic bottles, and their garments are sewn by local professional seamstresses. Good stuff.

You have to check out these onesies - the details are darling! Who wouldn't want a corn dog or a creamsicle on their belly?! My all time favorite has always been the rocket hoodie. I would like one in my size please! Another fav is the apron dress. And when the dress becomes too short, just let your little gal wear it as a top with jeans.

You can find Jasper Hearts Wren in these locations or save yourself the drive and order straight from their site.

Photo source: All photos JasperHeartsWren.com

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