Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Wedding Style - Rain, Rain, Come This Way!

Hello Wednesday! It was my birthday last week and having an April birthday usually means a few drops of water on my special day, so I thought I would dedicate today’s post to April and her BFF: Rain!

Rain on a wedding day is the stuff of song lyrics and bridal nightmares. It’s said to be lucky and if you blog-surf, it seems to be even trendy these days! With the endless parade of adorable wellies (or galoshes, as we call them in my house) and colorful umbrellas, I’m wondering if some couples are actually hoping FOR rain!

I once saw a play in LA, 2004 I think, and the stage was set to look like a tall forest. The treetops were all made from different patterned green umbrellas, upside down, forming a beautiful canopy. I never forgot that set and I think a canopy of upside down umbrellas, covering a tent ceiling, allowing light to shine through in places, would be awesome! Now I just need my rain-loving future clients to call!

Here are some of my favorites…from the seemingly impractical shoe known as the “rain flat” to some whimsical and creative hanging umbrellas (these were found at The Venetian in Las Vegas!).

Next month, May flowers of course!


Photo sources: clockwise from left to right,,, Favors and Flowers, J.Crew,, Orange Girl Photographs, It's a Jaime Thing

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