Monday, March 28, 2011

Wedding Decor - Anthropologie Home Design Studios

Happy Monday!! Did you know that one of my favorite retailers is adding a home design studio to 12 of it's stores? Anthropologie has had a huge year! First launching BHLDN and now design studios. Think of the fun this could mean for wedding decor! And lucky for us the Marin Store in The Village at Corte Madera will be one of the stores.

The Marin Anthro is actually my favorite store. Did you ever notice that there are "good" Anthros and some "not so good" Anthros. My favs are the Marin, Burlingame and Blackhawk ones. Great selection, great sale items and lots of sizes. I feel the same way about J.Crew. The Burlingame J.Crew is my go to store, with the Stanford and Marin ones not far behind.

But back to Anthro's new design studios...the concept will be a store within a store that showcases a mix of home decor items, with design experts waiting to answer questions, give tips and even offer classes.

I have always looked to Anthro for inspiration when designing my client's weddings. And I find myself often picking up key pieces to highlight on accent tables, or within the ceremony. They are such a fab place for wedding decor.

So head to Marin and check out the new store within a store - they launched March 24th!

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