Monday, July 20, 2009

Beautiful Bridal Hair Pieces

Recently a few brides have come to me in search of the great bridal hairpiece, straying from the traditional veil or adding to it with a headband, beaded hair vine, silk flower or fresh flowers. When it comes to fresh flowers, only a few types hold up to the heat, hugging, dancing and movement of an entire wedding day. But I will leave that topic to another post. I want to talk about the silk, beaded or feathered kind. Chatting with some of my vendors, I found that bridal hair jewelry tends to get incredibly pricey, very quickly. Then I stumbled upon a great site for inexpensive bridal hairpieces - AND the best part is - for the budget bride, some hairpieces you can rent! Tigerlilly Jewelry has designed adorable silk flowers, sparkling beaded vines, headbands and more to perfect any wedding ensemble. Pictured below was one of my favorites, the Lulu Comb. Take a peek for yourself!

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