Thursday, July 16, 2009

Remembering Loved Ones at Your Wedding

When planning the wedding, one thing I have found is brides and grooms wanting to honor special family members that have passed on within their ceremony. Finding ways to acknowledge these people have included such things as a heartfelt note within the couple's program, a special red rose placed within the bride's bouquet which was her grandmother's favorite, or taking a piece of fabric from the wedding dress of the loved one and sewing it into the slip of the new bride's dress. All of these meaningful touches make the ceremony personal and special.

In working with a bride we stumbled upon another amazing way to remember her fiancĂ©’s father and her grandfather. With personalized memory candles we were able to add ambiance to the ceremony and create a special moment where the bride and groom acknowledged and lit the candles.

These candles are quite easy to find though a quick internet search, and since then I have seen vases with floating candles that are just as beautiful. Just wanted to drop a quick note for all those couples out there planning!

Photo by XSiGHT Photography

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