Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Monogram Love - Banners and Wreaths

One of my most favorite Ella Fitzgerald songs, Someone to Watch Over Me, has a quote that I love..."I'd like to add his initial to my monogram". In honor of how cool Miss Ella is and some hanging inspiration I posted yesterday over on Bay Area Bride Guide, I want to share all sorts of nifty finds on monograms.

Side note: There is a sweet DIY wreath monogram tutorial I linked to from Design Sponge in my post at BA Bride Guide! So make sure to click over and check it out.

Another side note: Since you can seriously go crazy with monograms and use them on so many fab things for your big day - in this post I am going to focus strictly on hanging monograms. We can attack the monogram and its many other uses on another post.

Here goes...ok wait. Before I go on, I have to share this little bird cake topper monogram I found cause it is too cute...Love!

And one more quickie without a monogram BUT it is a wreath - well a square wreath (is it even a wreath then??!) This gorgeous square wreath - actually the whole photo set up with the door and the flowers and the ribbon - I am in love with!

Ok, NOW on to the monograms...

Hanging on a window sill, these rustic monogram wreaths make for lovely decor.

I love the simplicity and the bright green color of this boxwood wreath and it's sweet gold H adds elegance.

These next monogram floral letters were designed by my idol Tara Guérard and the coolest part is she used them here at the ceremony on the entrance doors...

And she re-used them for the reception - in the lounge area to designate Men's and Women's powder rooms - I guess this idea only really works if your initials are M and W...

Maybe it is the princess in me, but I'm loving these hanging banners - they look so royal.

I think it is a requirement to have your wedding at a castle with the next one...

These are sweet wooden letters that look lovely hung with ribbon on doors...

A great way to dress up an entrance gate in an outdoor setting...the moss covered letter

Ok, now I realize these next few might be a stretch but if you think about it they still "hang"!

How sweet and dainty are these embroidered lace pieces - image one "hanging" off of the wrapped stems of your bouquet

These chair covers "hang" sweetly over the bride and groom's seats...

What groom wouldn't want a monogrammed necktie "hanging" from their neck?

And finally, as these cute little monogrammed flags wave in the wind, "hanging" off little wooden sticks shouting out your new initials to every parched person at your party.

Are you using monograms in your decor? Do share! And more importantly...will it be hanging? ;)


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