Monday, September 13, 2010

The Perfect Chocolate Brown - Wedding Dress Sash Love

What happened to Sunday Funday?! I had a blah Sunday. Don't fault me for not trying, oh I did. I made an effort to clean, and when that didn't work, I then went to relax in the sun, and then when THAT didn't work, I gave up and went shopping. And still found nothing. I am searching for that perfect black dress that we all long for - the one you can dress up and down and wear on any occasion and feel amazing.

So of course, now you are scrolling down to see which stunning little black dress I am coveting that I found over the net. Well, I haven't seen a thing! So friends, if you have any good leads for me, PUH-LEASE send them my way.

Instead, to try and put some happiness back in my day, I hit up some of my favorite blogs...

For those of you who have been following for a while you know how madly in love I am with Sarah Yates and her photos. In the attempt to turn my day around, I found her lovely post (and then even more over on 100 Layer Cake) and something about this bride's dress just struck a cord with me.

The brown sash did it - the color - the perfect rich chocolate - just made my day.

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Love the naked wood tables and simple runner, the white peaches, golden nectarines, and the pretty pastels of the floral decor. So gorgeous!

I'm hoping when you read this on Monday that your day is going fantastic and the little brown sash makes you smile too!


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