Friday, January 28, 2011

Fav Finds + Flower Friday - Hello Peony!

I mean, really!? Are you people seeing this color? This fabulous hot pink? This peony is stunning! And they are straight from the garden of Holly Heider Chapple. I would like a bouquet please, in my living room to gaze at...right now! So happy Flower Friday and go take a peek at Holly's blog. It is just full of gorgeousness!

The finds of the week:

In preparation for Valentine's Day
The Inspired Bride

Anthro's new wedding fun, coming soon

Are you kidding me with these desserts??
The Knotty Bride

I'm a sucker for all things heart
Ritzy Bee

More hearts, fabulous pewter dresses and a stunning bouquet

Happy Weekend!!

Photo source: Genevieve Leiper

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