Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Hello Blog Universe! Allow me to introduce myself…my name is Christy Daly, I am a wedding coordinator living and working in San Francisco. I work as a consultant and planner for Trisha Dean (whom you must adore if you are reading this blog) and I am so excited to be a contributor to her blog and company!

Trisha and I met while getting our wedding planning certification from Cal State East Bay. I am happy to be part of Trisha’s team and my goal with blogging is to give readers a good idea of my aesthetic, my background and my personality. I find a lot of wedding blogs to be ‘fluffy’ and I’m not that kind of gal…I know my blog posts will be opinionated but informative, and I will draw from a lot of my personal experiences.

For example, I got married when I was 6 months pregnant. By then, I had already been working as a planner for another SF company. I planned my own wedding, complete with “Shotgun Wedding” DIY invitations, in about 7 weeks, with a budget of $10,000. In San Francisco. Labor Day Weekend. My background, education and experience made it all possible. I can honestly say that planning my own wedding, having the knowledge from working in the industry, and under the special circumstances I had at the time, have made me an incredibly well-rounded and confident planner for other people. I’m ready to take on the world with enthusiasm and experience! I absolutely believe that weddings are a heightened experience and I treat the planning and execution as such. I never forget that a person has so few times in their life when all their loved ones gather in one space to celebrate and support them. Weddings are rare and sentimental events in a person’s life and I love helping to create them for the couples I work with.

So…that’s a summary of me, I guess. I am excited about sharing with you through this blogging endeavor and I will “talk” to you soon!



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