Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Found! The Perfect Cake Stand.

Back in 2004, I was searching everywhere for a beautiful yet simple cake stand that would showcase my wedding cake. All I could find were these huge silver boxes:First of all, my cake was round - I didn't want it on a square silver box - I wanted wine country elegance! Then I looked at Williams-Sonoma and found this cake stand which I loved:
But my cake baker at Sweetie Pies looked at me as if I was crazy - how was she going to fit a three tiered 18" cake on that tiny cake stand?

So in the end, I ditched the stand idea all together and ended up with this:

Pink and Red ribbons with fresh flowers. When all was said and done, I loved the cake and thought it looked fine with no stand.

Fast forward to today...and my love of Etsy...and I find these:
Where were these back in 2004?! Sarah's Stands come in a gajillion (okay 73) colors and are so darn perfect! I wish that these were available. Hers come in all different sizes too so your cake baker can't complain!

Has anyone else out there found fantastic cake stands?

Photo sources:, Williams-Sonoma, Laura Hunt Photography. Sarah's Stands photos via etsy: and the cakes:


  1. I've been chatting with Sarah Stands! ") and thinking about getting mine there :) This is a hard search, so thank you for posting an entry on the topic, lady! xo

  2. OMG! I love Sarah's Stands! There is nothing out there that is understated and elegant, that compliments the wedding cake instead of competes with it and she makes it in so many different sizes and colors, it's amazing! I too have been chatting with them for my wedding and am so excited to have found them. I also LOVE that they are custom made to order right here in the USA. Go Sarah! I love supporting small businesses in the USA. She also mentioned she is going to be doing square ones soon for those who need them!

  3. Gorgeous cake plates! I wish I wouldn't have already made my centerpieces or I would snatch these right up!

    Cake Stands


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