Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Spring is here! Part II - Poppy Inspired Wedding Details

In honor of my Momma's birthday which was a few days ago, I wanted to post some more fun images of wedding details around her favorite flower - the Poppy. As a little girl, the two of us would walk around and she would constantly point out every flower and teach me its name. To this day, I can remember some of the most obscure flowers (which tends to be a great party trick) because of her fun flower games. Whenever we got to the Poppies - Iceland Poppies to be exact - she would say "Those are one of Mommy's favorites!" Here are some great red and pink images to inspire a bright and happy Poppy filled wedding.

Photo Sources: First photo:Yumsugar.com, Fourth photo: Paperantix.com, All other photos: Martha Stewart Weddings

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