Friday, March 19, 2010

"I Do" on a Plate

About a month ago I heard through a friend (thanks Amy!) about Rae Dunn and her fabulous pieces. We were chatting about ring bearer plates and she mentioned that Rae made some great ones. Fast forward to Saturday, me sipping a cup of coffee and strolling through a little boutique in Alamo and there, on the shelf, an adorable set of Celebration plates. They were a set of ceramic plates with little decals on them, a party hat, a piece of cake - super cute! I pick one up, flip it over and it says Rae Dunn on it. I was so excited! I ran home and went to Rae Dunn’s site on and I found so many wonderful plates that I must have.

Apparently, she creates a line of manufactured wares that is sold nationwide (like the set of Celebration plates I found) but all of the items on her Etsy site are handmade by her – and most of them are limited editions and one-of-a-kind pieces.

I personally want this plate for Miss Emmie:

And this one for me! I have a HUGE crush on anything hearts:

And then this one would be perfect for one of my brides – it is so her style with the wedding date and names:

Then of course, simple, sweet and to the point, this would work as the adorable ring bearer plate:
Photo Source: Rae Dunn/Etsy

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