Thursday, March 18, 2010

Wedding 360 - Design Showcase

One of the best parts of the Wedding 360 conference was all of the amazing event design. From Gloria Wong's spectacular Emerald Underworld and Museum of Petals to the incredible Designer Showcases featuring Tara Guérard, Aisel Design, Grant & Company and Nancy Liu Chin.

All of the designers spoke on a panel about their designs and we learned a little about what inspired them.

I grabbed some photos with my trusty Nikon so I can share the four galleries with you. I'll start with Tara Guérard. First of all let's just say I want to be her. Her events are right up my alley and embrace everything I think a wedding should be. Not sure if that means I should pack up Trisha Dean Events and open an office in the South but I may need to do just that.

We learned from Tara that her box of goodies to create her showcase didn't arrive from Charleston in time. So at the last minute she worked with some San Francisco vendors to try and pull off what their team had envisioned from their original idea. I think the room is very rustic chic. The table tops are snakeskin with wood edges and the antler's that hold the place cards are very cool.

Tara's events tend to be on large Southern plantations where the home and backyard is incorporated into the wedding. The "tent cities", as she calls them, are built and then draped in fabric in the backyard. This last year she did a wedding for 1200 people and designed a 2700 square foot tent in the backyard of this home. They even had to build a tented cafeteria on site for all of the staff that was working on this wedding! I asked her "Who knows 1200 people?!" and she laughed and said they actually invited 1500. Can you imagine!! She is hilarious - I could listen to her talk for hours.

Aisel Design did a more modern piece with metallics, mirrors and succulents. The room was incredibly modern and chic yet had a subtle romance about it. One of my favorite things was the table numbers. Hanging in glass bubbles with silver bebes - loved them. The bouquet was also amazing - the detail and use of the greens blew me away. And the "wish" cake - LOVE!

Grant & Company was able to capture two of our five senses...the moment you walked into the room - the smell of gardenia surrounded you! This room was elegant, classic and timeless. The tapers and the lounge area were two of my favorite elements.

Nancy Liu Chin's room originally started out as a concept inspired by the movie Avatar. She wanted the room to glow. The blue lighting in the room really does make a nice soft glow. To me this room embodies modern romance. The stunning flowers blow me away! I also love the bubble theme repeated throughout and the clean lines of the all white furniture.

These rooms were all so inspiring - the designers were amazing to listen to and each room was so unique. Thank you to all of them for the great eye candy at Wedding 360.

Photo source: From Trisha Dean's personal collection

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