Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Color and Contrast - The Wedding Bouquet

Hi hi! So remember last Friday when I decided it was Fav Finds + Foto Friday instead of Fav Finds + Flower Friday? Well I am making up for it now with this crazy cool bouquet on Wednesday - okay okay, so I know it really makes no sense and I have completely messed with my editorial calendar.

Today was a rough day, I won't bother you with the details at this point in time, but just know when I saw this bouquet it made me smile and things got a smidgen better. And now, I am sharing with you.

I found this bouquet over on the very cool blog Brooklyn Bride. I am really intrigued by the darker colors of the artichokes and berries and how they contrast with the blush colored garden roses. The bouquet was designed by Poppies and Posies (loving the name) and was a result of a photo shoot where the team of designers wanted to create a wedding based from fab finds at a hardware store. Click on over to Brooklyn Bride and see what gorgeousness they pulled together.

The use of food in bouquets and boutonnieres has been a trend for a bit now and I am still loving it.

Happy Middle of the Week!

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