Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sweet Treats - Gorgeous Wedding Cakes

I can't put into words how perfect I think the cakes from The Sweet and Saucy Shop are. Melody and her team do an amazing job on creating the most beautiful cakes ever - the details, the colors, such fun! Here are two new ones I found over on her lovely blog. These two cakes take the meaning of detail to a whole other level! How amazing is the floral work on this baby?

For our next cake, I have a little ditty to share...when I was getting married waaaay back in 2004, I fell in love with an ivory gown that had a cathedral length train. The whole bottom of dress and train was embroidered in a black floral pattern that then repeated along the strapless top. (I know what you're thinking - you're thinking it sounds scary - it wasn't I promise, think Halle Berry Oscar dress with a long train). I LOVED this dress. Lots. My mom and I brainstormed about what fun we could have with a black and white wedding...the trouble was my venue was outdoors practically in a vineyard. Since the dress and the venue were pretty much polar opposites, I said goodbye to my black and white dreams. I eventually found THE dress, but a little part of me still wants to have a black and white wedding (now to tie it back to the cake) and below would be my perfect cake!!

Enough of my rambling on and on - enjoy the rest of your Wednesday!


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